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A budgeting tool for dairy and cereals farms to help estimate your farm costs and income for the next financial year (2019):

Gross Margins (Wheat, Barley, OSR, Dairy) Net Farm Account

Our calculations are based on:

  • Historic Farm Business Survey data
  • Current and forward market prices
  • Exchange rates

  -  Use your own farm data or the (pre-loaded) average figures from the Farm Business Survey.

  -  Alter the Farm Business Survey projections by using your own expectations of future markets prices

  -  Option to examine forward contracts or to look at 'locked-in' costs or sale-prices.

Disclaimer: Whilst the data and calculations behind Projection Calculator are robust and validated, we would like to point out that the future can be inherently unpredictable. The Universities and Colleges of the RBR consortium cannot be held responsible for any interpretation or decisions made based on the data from projection calculator.

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